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Why You Should Use Brand Campaigns

Leave me to my own devices, when crafting PPC ad campaigns for — I hope I’m making that up, with a nod to Hogan’s Heroes¬†— and I will make¬†brand (or branded) campaigns for both search and display networks. The keywords in the search campaign… Continue reading

Five Things You Need Before You Start PPC

Let’s be realistic. Google will be happy to take your money. So will Bing, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, iAd — whether you get anything in return that makes good business sense for you or not. Of course, it’s much better for Google and the rest if… Continue reading

What Is PPC?

The short answer is, PPC is for Pay-per-Click. It’s part of search engine marketing, and you’ve already guessed there’s an acronym for that, too: SEM. But you don’t know much more than you did when you started reading this paragraph, do you? Allow me to… Continue reading